About Us


Sam n’ Jeff Painting PTY LTD only use fully qualified painters and refrain from using sub-contractors at all cost. This allows us to take full ownership of our work and ensures that our work maintain a consisted standard. We understand that in commercial work that there is a lot of undue stress put onto builders/tenders to have work complete within a certain time frame. We work to make these deadlines without compromising on our quality of work.

Police checks

All our painters, before being hired undergo a state and federal police check to ensure the safety of our customers and their possessions. This means you can rest easy knowing your property is in good hands.

Liability insurance

Sam n’ Jeff Painting PTY LTD enjoy over 50 million dollars in liability which means that no matter what might happen on the job you and your possessions are covered.

Exceptional Service

At Sam n’ Jeff Painting PTY LTD we ensure excellent customer service by taking ownership of our work, being responsible and taking an ethical approach in dealing with business partners. We always return calls and we always answer our phone regardless of how busy we might be. We never make promises we can’t keep and we always keep you notified in the progress of our work and always give you a realistic time frame of when we can start and how long it will take to complete the requested work.

Most new houses or buildings are usually judged by the way they look to the potential buyer/investor. A good paint job can be the crucial element that tips the balance in your favour. We understand this and we make it a priority to always paint to the highest standard in order for you to reach your target.

Most houses need to be repainted every 7-10 years. Your property is your number one asset & is you hire the wrong people you may live with the consequences for a long period of time. Dont take the risk! Call the professionals.